Take Care of your Phone Too

Unfortunately hackers and scammers will always be out there trying to fool you. They can attack you on your smartphone just as easily as they can on your computer. You just have to pay attention and take precautions. Here’s a list (from www.msn.com) of 5 ways you can keep your phone healthy and HACKER free! 🙂


1: Update your software as soon as possible.  These updates don’t get released for you just to let them sit there. They are there for a reason. Hackers and scammers continue to get more and more creative in finding ways to trick you, which is why you need those software updates to patch any possible holes left open for hackers to sneak into.

2: Be mindful of the things you install on your phone. Think of it this way…..you wouldn’t knowingly go eating things that are bad for your body, would you? If you wouldn’t put your body in danger then don’t put your phone in danger.

3: Check in on the apps already on your phone. It’s like going to the doctor for a yearly checkup, or the dentist for your 6-month cleaning. Just because everything was fine the last time you checked in, doesn’t mean it is still fine now.

4: Don’t make it easy for intruders! Keep a lock on your phone, that way if your phone is lost or stolen and ends up in the wrong hands they can not easily access any of your personal information such as your email.

5: LOG OUT!! You wouldn’t leave your bank account logged in on a public computer once you walked away, so just because it’s your phone doesn’t mean you should keep those types of things signed in at all times. Log out of your accounts when you aren’t using them!

If you want to read the full list of ways to keep your smartphone hacker free then click on the link below:


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