“Why-Cry” when you have East Bay I.T.?

We can never tell you enough how important it is to not open links, web pages or emails that you are uncertain of.


The ransomware “Why-Cry” will definitely make you want to cry. Once this ransomware has infected your computer it makes its presence known by putting a screen on your computer that looks like your computer is doing a Windows update. The trick here is that if your computer were truly running a Windows update you would leave your computer on to do so. Therefore, by making your screen look like an update is running you are compelled to think you need to leave your computer on. In all actuality though, your files are being encrypted during this time. Once “Way-Cry” has encrypted all of your files, they leave you a nice message with steps how to decrypt your files. These steps include paying a total of $300 in Bitcoin ($807,924.00 USD to be exact). However, there is no guarantee that even if you did pay the ransom that your files would be decrypted as easily as snapping your fingers. So, “Why-Cry” when we can help keep your files protected and even backed up somewhere safe!

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