Target Breach!

Is your information protected online? Target is paying out approximately $18.5 million in what is probably the largest data breach settlement. This hack originally took place in 2013, but even today you may still be at risk.

By now you may be asking yourself how to keep your information safe when you are shopping online. We can never stress enough how important it is to make sure you are protected when you are online because you never know who could be watching.


Lucky for you there are THREE easy ways to keep your information safe online!

  1. Use a prepaid credit card and load only the money you need on to it
  2. Use the same card on every site you shop on and keep a low spending limit.
  3. Use your card’s extra security layer (contact the card provider, i.e. MaterCard or Visa)


For more information about keeping your personal information kept personal on the internet click the link below:

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