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“Why-Cry” when you have East Bay I.T.?

We can never tell you enough how important it is to not open links, web pages or emails that you are uncertain of.   The ransomware “Why-Cry” will definitely make you want to cry. Once this ransomware has infected your computer it makes its presence known by putting a screen on your computer that looks […]

Target Breach!

Is your information protected online? Target is paying out approximately $18.5 million in what is probably the largest data breach settlement. This hack originally took place in 2013, but even today you may still be at risk. By now you may be asking yourself how to keep your information safe when you are shopping online. […]

While you were enjoying your weekend….

*URGENT MESSAGE* While you were busy enjoying your weekend, hackers were busy pushing out their latest ransomware attack. There is a software patch from Microsoft – MS17-010 – that they are urging you install as soon as possible to protect yourself. Otherwise you should take extra precautions when opening up emails, and the attachments within […]

Yet Another Scam

Do you like coupons?? Have you been trying to figure out the perfect Mother’s Day gift without spending a fortune?? Maybe you’ve seen this coupon and thought that your mom would love to spend some time in the garden?? What could possibly be better than a coupon for “$50 off your next purchase” with no […]

Apple is Discontinuing Select Subscriptions

Are you an Apple lover?? If you happen to be one of those people that has an Apple Music or iCloud membership then you’ve probably been having some trouble lately. It appears that subscribers have been receiving email notifications stating that their subscription for the account has been discontinued. The email does not seem to […]

Microsoft Users Beware

Dear users, We are writing to inform all Microsoft® Office users of a new zero-day attack that installs malware onto fully patched systems running Microsoft’s operating system via an Office vulnerability. We recommend refraining from sending or opening any Word documents via email. Microsoft Office has a feature called “Protected View” that is enabled by […]

Take Care of your Phone Too

Unfortunately hackers and scammers will always be out there trying to fool you. They can attack you on your smartphone just as easily as they can on your computer. You just have to pay attention and take precautions. Here’s a list (from www.msn.com) of 5 ways you can keep your phone healthy and HACKER free! 🙂   1: Update your software […]

Phishing Emails

Pony Malware: A password stealer that can unlock passwords from over 110 different applications. This latest scam has people infecting their own computers from opening up an attachment in an email that looks like a Microsoft Publisher file. All you have to do is click on the attachment, select download to view it and just […]

Watch out for Phishing Scams!

As we all know it is season for tax returns! How much do you look forward to getting that big chunk of money back? What are you already planning to buy with it? What would you do if you didn’t get the money you were expecting? The IRS has already sent out a message to businesses […]