Do you answer your phone to numbers you don’t recognize??
If so, be careful what you say!
There are now scammers out there that are asking one simple question in hopes you answer so that they can record your voice.
It is not uncommon that while on the phone with someone you lose service and can’t hear what the person on the other end of the phone is saying so you ask “Can you hear me?” or “Are you there?”

So these scammers are asking “Can you hear me?” and all you have to do is say yes, then they’ve got you. They have recorded you saying “yes” so that they now have your voice and they can authorize charges on a bill.
Read more about how they are getting you this time:

Here “Fishy Fishy Fishy”









OK guys! The hackers are at it once again! This time they’ve hit maybe just a little too close to home.
Do you have a Gmail account?? If so, stick around! You’ll want to hear this!
This Gmail Phishing scam is pretty realistic and is hard to not fall for because it looks incredibly real! The way it works is you get an email from a friend in your contacts that has already been infected. In this email there is what appears to be an attachment. That’s just it though, what appears to be there and what is actually there is how they get you. If you click on this “attachment” it redirects you back to the Google sign in page. *IF* (keyword, IF) you click “sign in” after entering your login information…you have given the hackers access to your entire email account and all the personal information that is in there. #stayaware #staysafe #dontopenit #gmail