Have you called 9-1-1 Lately?


Have you made any 9-1-1 calls lately?? You might want to think twice before opening links that you don’t know what they are, otherwise you could be stuck dialing 9-1-1 over and over again without any control over it. Hackers are commenting on your Tweets with the link and posting the link as a Tweet on their page hoping you will think it is a YouTube link…..
Listen to one girl’s story in Ft. Lauderdale: http://kron4.com/2016/10/27/video-twitter-hack-causes-your-phone-to-continuously-dial-911/

Cyber Attacks Disrupting Popular Sites

WOW! Major sites like Twitter, Spotify, Netflix and PayPal are just some of the websites that got taken down by the DDoS.  Most of the issues were along the east coast due to the Internet services company Dyn being hit by this large cyber attack today.

Many other sites took to Twitter to let their customers know that their services may or may not be available. The CEO of Snoopwall said that these specific attacks are becoming more and more frequent because the equipment needed to build DoS equipment will only set you back $300 at most.

Make sure that all of your personal information is backed up to a safe place so that in the event of a cyber attack on your computer, you are safe. Call us at (813)-200-6100 or visit www.eastbayitfl.com to learn more about how important it is to have a “backup plan”.



Ransomware is No Joke!!

Ransomware 101ransomware2

The name “Ransomware” may sound a little funny, but there is nothing funny about it! Ransomware has become a big problem and we can’t stress enough how important it is not to open links, emails or access websites if you do NOT know who is sending it, why they are sending it, or what it is!!
The most important thing you can do to protect yourself is to avoid opening links or emails or anything of that nature if your do not know what it is or who it came from!



We have seen several computers in the last week come in that got the Kryptolocker from Ransomware on them. This means that you can’t access anything on your computer until you pay a “ransom” and even then, you may not get everything back.
We urge you to please be careful and smart with your computer.
Contact us if you have any questions about Ransomware on your computer!

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