iOS 10 Update

appleWho has downloaded the iOS 10 update to their iPhone or iPad??? Notice anything different?? You might be getting a little frustrated that you can’t find some of you things that were once right on your home screen. The Game Center in one of those things that is no longer on your home screen, therefore is also no longer an app. Game Center can now be found in your settings.  So don’t worry, you haven’t lost all of your games. 🙂 They’ve just relocated. If you’d like to know more about iOS 10 we’ve attached a direct link to Apple for you 🙂

Apple says this update is their biggest release yet and that many of your favorite apps are more “dynamic” and “bold”.  Let us know what you think.

Ransomware Strikes Again!

Ransomware is a big deal right now and it seems to be getting harder and harder to avoid. This time they are targeting sites like Dropbox and Imgur.

What would you do if you couldn’t access any of your files and everything you have saved to your desktop is removed? This could cost you lots of money to get your files back if you are not careful. Bottom line is, if you don’t know what something is or who it’s from, don’t open it.
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