We are certified engineers and certified professionals assessing your needs and determining the best course of action for your computing needs while maintaining your budgetary requirements.

When it comes to IT Support, you usually get what you pay for. Go cheap and you end up with second class service. Hire a highly qualified technician, and you’re liable to break the bank. With East Bay IT, you do not have to go over budget to ensure that your company’s computer network or your home PC is well maintained. We can offer the same high-level of service and experience you would expect from a full-time professional. You can expect to receive the responsiveness of a full-time employee without incurring the unnecessary expenses.

Richard Panek
Owner of Easy Bay IT

Excellence customer service and fast! Highly recommend for business and personal computer repairs.

Ian Martin

Amazing, honest, affordable work! I will be a customer for life!

Kristy Green

I thought my external hard drive was done for until I took it to East Bay IT. The staff was able to recover all my data and sell me a new hard drive at a cheaper price than the original. They now monitor my computer so I don’t have to worry about the same thing happening to my sensitive work files.

Matt Hembree

I have been using East Bay IT for about 3 years now and have to say they are a great company. They help with the planning and management of my office server network, scanners, email system, antivirus protection, backup systems, etc. as well as my personal computing needs. They are everything you are looking for in a service company, intelligent, professional, responsive, capable, and efficient. They are a standout in the local area IT world. Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed. Mark Craft, MD Brandon, FL

Mark Craft

Rich Panek and team have been servicing our personal computers for years with great results. Repairs have been quick, lasting and at a fair price. We have yet to stump the East Bay IT team.

Rick Lanese

My wife had a virus problem on her laptop and even though she has always been able to clear them up in the past, she needed professional help. We called East Bay IT, brought it in the next morning and had it back within 24 hours! Fast, professional and reasonably priced! We’ll never go anywhere else!

Philip Berger

Outstanding group! They saved the day for me. No box store will ever compare to the knowledge and service East Bay IT can provide!!!

Michael Haydon

Rich Panek and his team do great work and always come through when you need em. They’re your 1-stop-shop for everything IT.

Francois Tort

A small business with five employees needs to share access to both documents and a Quick-books application. Local access only with hosted exchange email.  This is a normal file-server scenario for us.  Also, this is undoubtedly the most commonly encountered type of client-server environment we see at our customer’s offices.

In this situation, we would recommend a multiple core server with anywhere from 8 to 16 GB of RAM a 1 TB RAID-1 array and Microsoft Windows Standard Server 2012 R2. With an external USB drive for automatic server backups.

Let’s not forget the server backup system. We select the right amount of hardware for the business, the users and the applications.  Having the right amount of power in the server will go a long way in maintaining system up times.

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